Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Life in the Art Room

During an Art exam, I get distracted. I try not to be, I promise myself that I'll be a perfectionist and carry on with my work until the very last second. But that doesn't work, it never does.

I don't even realise that I'm distracted, I'll reach across my table for a sand coloured oil pastel and the flick of a paintbrush will catch my attention. I just sit there, watching the paper slowly come to life, the shadows deepening, the highlights brightening. I look at the painting and wonder which of the exam questions they've chosen, why they've chosen it, how many pages they've done in their sketchbooks...

My questioning gets rudely interrupted, sooner or later... the scrape of a chair, a teacher walking across the room, a pencil being dropped on the floor. It brings me back to the real world, the one where my work hasn't been improved on for the past five minutes because I've been too engrossed in someone else's work.

My mind jerks back to the task in hand, that too big piece of A1 paper... why did I decide to work on that scale, again? 

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