Monday, 30 April 2012

Y is for Young Guns

I know we've technically already finished, but I thought I'd help out a bit and do Y as it appears we have missed it!

Okay, so my music taste is slightly different from Holly's, I tend to like the heavier stuff, as well as acoustics, but The Kooks is about as far as my indie toleration spreads!

So Y is for a band that I have recently started listening to, Young Guns!

Here's Wikipedia's description for some brief background;
'Young Guns are a British alternative rock band from Buckinghamshire and London, UK. On 22 June 2009 they released their debut EP Mirrors, and their debut album All Our Kings Are Dead was released a year later on 12 July 2010.
The success of the album and its singles to date has resulted in magazine covers, the band playing sell-out headline tours, as well as landing high profile support slots with Bon Jovi and Lostprophets. They have also played at many festivals (in both the UK and Europe), culminating in an appearance on the main stage at the Reading Festival, where the band shared a stage with the likes of Guns N' Roses and Queens of the Stone Age.'

They're all terribly good looking, and the lead singer is called Gustav, need I say more! Their label is 'Live Forever', an Oasis reference Holly will be pleased about I hope!

They're also touring in October time, so I'm hoping to see them, the tour dates are on their website!

So, you may be thinking they sound like a sweaty adolescent band that I have no interest in, or you may be thinking that they sound cool, and I'd like to hear some of this! Either way, I'm going to post three links, one in album version and one acoustic and one that's a bit inbetweeny so you have a choice if you know what you're going to be most impressed by;

Young Guns - Bones;

Young Guns - Meter and Verse (Acoustic);

Young Guns - There Will Be Rain (Acoustic Inbetweeny)

Thankyou very much if you read any/all of this, I hope somebody out there found it interesting!

Talk to you later!


  1. jdjksa oh man i love you guys' blog haha its so fun to read haha something else to put me off sleep :P maybe i should post stuff on mine again haha xxx

    1. oh my thank you so much amy :p hahah yes you should we loved reading it! xxxxx

  2. Hey, thanks for the heads up on Young Guns! I have bookmarked them and will check them out.

    Also, congrats on completing A to Z. See you on the blogs soon!

    1. ahhh cool, glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)
      thankyou, i have to admit holly put the most effort in, i'm just taking the credit :p xx