Monday, 2 April 2012


I love baking.
I love cake, but it's not just the end product that I enjoy (though it's certainly a bonus!) It's the process of taking a few boring ingredients (have you ever tried flour? BLEURGH!) and making it into something that tastes lovely. I also like licking the bowl, even though it's extremely undignified.
I wouldn't say that I'm the most creative baker by any means, I mostly make cupcakes with buttercream icing, it's hardly imaginative or difficult. But there's still a sense of achievement at the end of it all, especially when someone (usually my mum) says how nice they are.

Despite my uncreativity, I do have several baking books, including:
Homemade baking
Next - I <3 Cupcakes
1 recipe 50 muffins
1 recipe 50 cakes
1 recipe 50 cookies
Celebration cupcakes

I have made some of these recipes (the fudge cupcakes in the Next book were divine) and I plan to do some more baking this easter - Creme egg cupcakes anyone?

I like to take photos of the end product too.

I guess we'll C you tomorrow!


  1. Oh boy, those look delicious. Sadly, I've just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I love your blog title.
    Rhia #873 on A to Z list.

    1. Thankyou!
      Aww damn, that really is a shame!
      Thankyou for commenting, we'll be sure to check out your blog
      Holly Are

  2. Can I come over? Those look delish!

    Andi-Roo /// @theworld4realz

    1. Haha! Thankyou!
      I really wish I could make money out of it, I genuinely enjoy it!