Sunday, 8 April 2012

Gold bunnies

Gee, sorry for not posting yesterday, I was busy walking to an abandoned barn in the middle of the night, then having to run back to get my friend home by curfew. 
Today should be my day off, but rules are there to be broken, are they not?

As today is Easter Sunday, there is absolutely nothing to do. I'm going to my boyfriend's house for tea and his grandparents are coming over, so I need to look extra-respectable and then just sit there awkwardly, whilst everyone else jabbers on.

But, as it is Easter, I got a Lindt golden bunny easter egg from my parents, yum! I got an egg and three of the miniature golden bunnies - let's see how long it lasts me, okay? I bet it's gone by the L post, on Friday. Golden bunnies are the best thing ever. 

Again, my apologies for not posting yesterday, I am horrendous when it comes to sticking to any sort of routine.

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