Thursday, 12 April 2012

Kate Bosworth

I have to admit that I've never paid too much attention to Kate Bosworth, but that was before I picked up this month's issue of Company magazine, and she was on the cover. 

Look at that hair! 

As you may know, me and Hannah are big fans of dip dyed hair, or any hair that's an unnatural colour (if only our head teacher had the same view) so this blonde into sea green look really caught my attention. Also, she has 'Bowie eyes' where one eye is hazel and the other is blue - I find this pretty damn cool. I want Bowie eyes!
As soon as I got home, I ripped off the plastic wrapping and read the interview - she's quite the street style icon and that was the main focus of the article - that and her jewellery brand JewelMint.
I had a quick looksy on JewelMint and it seems that all pieces are $29.99 each - which isn't too pricey and makes it comparable to somewhere like Topshop. It seems that you have to become a member of the site - but in doing this you will get 50% off your first order, so that isn't too terrible. The pieces are co-designed by Kate and Cher Coulter (the stylist behind Sienna Miller) and they have a new collection every month - not too shabby!

Wondering where you've seen her before? She is an actress first and foremost after all, so check out her IMBD profile here.

I apologise that seemingly all the posts throughout this challenge have been written by me so far, but I'm seeing Hannah tomorrow so we might be able to pull a few together then, although her internet connection is horrendous!

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