Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I suppose this is could be considered an extension of yesterday's "Costume" post, but one of my friends is having a fancy dress party at the end of the month and I just can't decide who or what to go as!
The problem, as I stated yesterday, is that a lot of the costumes you can buy online or from shops are a) expensive and b) slutty. Although I actually enjoy sewing (there's nothing like the satisfaction of knowing that you can walk out of the house wearing something that you made) I'm by no means a master seamstress, and therefore I struggle to make a costume for myself.
I want to go as something that will easily be recognised, as there's nothing more awkward than having somebody walk up to you at a fancy dress party and say "Erm... what are you?" and then you have to explain yourself and the only reply you're ever going to get is "Oh."
An equally embarrassing experience would be if somebody were to show up in the same costume as you. Unfortunately, this could likely happen at this party because I don't know a lot of the people that are going, and therefore we won't be able to discuss costumes to ensure that everyone is something different.

I might just go as a naturist and save myself the hassle of finding a costume.
Or maybe I'll pull a Wednesday Addams and go as a homicidal maniac because they just look like everyone else.
Who knows? I'll keep you posted.


  1. Go as a nudist if it's warm enough. But I know you won't. You like to dress up. All girls do. Keep blogging. The more you do it, the better you get.

    1. I'll definitely be wearing clothes!
      I hope to keep blogging, challenges like this one are a great way to get me motivated to blog more regularly, and I find lots of great new blogs to read and inspire me :)