Sunday, 1 April 2012

April Fool's Day

I've never been all too great at the April Fool's game, mostly because I'm more of a nocturnal being and  inventing a creative prank before noon is somewhat of a challenge to me. Luckily, I'm rarely on the receiving end of any jokes either, so all's fair really.

My brother however, was on the receiving end of an almost cruel joke this morning. His friend text him to tell him some shocking news... my brother's ex was pregnant. My brother ofcourse believed this and they were texting to and fro for a few minutes before his friend finally told him that it was an April Fool's joke.

The best part of the whole she-bang was that it was a recycled prank - my brother's friend had had the same joke played on him by his friend just a while earlier!

I found the whole thing hilarious, and highly recommend this joke for next year.


  1. Good golly, I hope no one ever plays that prank on my 18-yr-old son --- he'd have a heart attack, as would I!!! I'm only 36, not ready to be a grandmother, LOL!!! Looking forward to reading tomorrow's post... "B"... what will you be talking about?

    Andi-Roo /// @theworld4realz

  2. My brother's only 19!
    I'm just thinking of a subject now...
    Thankyou for commenting and following, I will be sure to check out your blog!
    Holly Are xx