Saturday, 21 April 2012


Schuh has to be my all time favourite shop. I like it more than Topshop, there, I said it, okay?
Admittedly, as you could guess by the name, it only sells shoes and a few bags - but they are the most beautiful shoes I have ever come across in all my life, and they're all held within one room. As you can imagine, they're damn expensive shoes - so I will not be buying any today - boo!

However, here are my picks, for if I ever get a job and can afford such beauty.

Yellow Converse As Ox Iii £40
White & Pink Keds Champion Lace Ditsyfloral £35
Multi Keds Skimmer Floral £32
Black & White Schuh Cherie Lace Up Pump Stripes £23
Multi Schuh Mel Lace Brogue Glitter £60
White & Blue Havaianas Top Mix £20
Pale Blue Irregular Choice Cortesan Patty Floral Ct £65
Black Hunter Original Wellie £79

I daren't even total it all up!


  1. I love the black boots at the bottom. Wonder if they are available in the US...

    1. They're original black tall Hunter wellies, I should imagine they'd be available in the US :)
      If they aren't, Schuh do international shipping, information can be found here: