Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I adore dressing up, I always have done. When I was little I'd always go to my auntie's house dressed up as something (usually a fairy) and I was a witch every single Halloween without fail.
I still love Halloween now, last year my friend had a party and I went as a bumble bee. Admittedly, a bumble bee doesn't sound too Halloween-y, but type in "Halloween costumes" on Google images and it's up there. I don't like buying costumes, mostly because the majority of them are a bit low, a bit short and a bit tight for my liking, and they cost about £30 which would make me feel obliged to wear it again - but I want to be something different at every fancy dress party! So, my bumble bee was a cheap DIY effort - I bought wings and a child's tutu from Poundland. I was very impressed that I fit into an age 3-5 tutu! I then bought some black and yellow netting to fill out the tutu a little more. I wore black tights and bought yellow and black legwarmers from a market hall, along with some neon yellow eyeshadow. I made a mini top hat and attached two pipe cleaner antennae, then wore a black vest top. All together it came in at about a tenner! Bargain!  
Sadly, there's no decent pictures of me in my outfit, because I prefer to hide away from the camera!

Lookbook had a competition back around Halloween time, where people were asked to take pictures of themselves in their Halloween costumes, you can look through all the entries here.
Here's a sample - they're amazing!

Hmm... D tomorrow... I'll see what I can DO!


  1. Ah, I wish you'd come put together some costumes for us! I'm so un-imaginative, my kids get the short end of the stick. At least my daughter likes to be the same thing several years in a row --- we're going on year 3 of a BAT of all things this Halloween, lol!

    Andi-Roo /// @theworld4realz

    1. Haha!
      My friend is having a fancy dress party at the end of the month for her birthday, I've got to pull something together for that yet!