Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This is not the end

Jacket - £45 - Firetrap sale
Vest - £4 - Next
Necklace -  Dad's pocket watch
Bracelets - Various
Jeans - £25 - Next
Converse - £35

I wore this outfit to go and see The Amazing Spiderman with Alex and his college friends (only the second time I've met the majority of them, eek!) I've never been big on superhero movies, the first one I've ever watched the whole way through was Batman Begins the other week at Alex's house, and I was surprised at how much I liked it. But Spiderman is different, he's never quite seemed as cool as Batman, to me, but this film was actually really good! It's kind of a "Spiderman Begins" idea, as it follows a teenaged (and rather good-looking) Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield.

It follows the story of him first being bitten by the radioactive spider, and his realisation of his powers during a rather entertaining subway scene. Then he gets together (in a very movie-cute way) with Spiderman's well-known girlfriend Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone.

Seeing this film has actually made me consider getting a full-fringe cut back in, she pulls the look off wonderfully! And she has perfect liquid eyeliner throughout the movie which also made me incredibly jelly - I can never get that stuff to look decent on me!

I highly recommend this film, even if you aren't an action fan or a comic book nerd, I'm neither of these things and really enjoyed it. And Andrew Garfield has an interview in the current issue of Company, he's half English, did you know?

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