Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Weird prints trend

You've all seen them out and about - playsuits, skirts, shirts and dresses, all with prints that stray from the usual ditsy flower style that we've become accustomed to over the past few years - fruit, vegetables, fish and even hedgehogs can be found on just about any item of clothing this season, and I have to admit that I am a big fan of it all, even buying myself a fish printed playsuit from AX Paris in New Look.


This dress from New Look features a "Pussycat Chain" print on the skirt, button placket and collar - I think the continued print adds a really nice touch and makes the dress look more like a complete garment, rather than an individual skirt and shirt stitched together.


This co-ordinated sweater and joggers from Topshop would certainly turn a few heads if you walked down the street, especially since it looks a little bit like a pair of jammies. But with the Olympics and all, it's certainly a very current design.

£25 now £17

This jersey shirt from Dorothy Perkins is a prime example of what I'm on about - a cute, simple print of something that is a very ordainary object, but makes an otherwise uninteresting shirt suddenly rather cute!
Dorothy Perkins, in my opinion, is most certainly overlooked when it comes to fashionable, affordable clothing.


Another prime example of the trend - this time from Topshop - the cartoon drums on the skater dress make the garment look really cute and innocent, but at the same time being on-trend. Topshop also do the same print on a pair of hotpants, if you're more of a shorts girl rather than a dress girl.


This shopper bag from Next is a simple way of incorporating the trend into several outfits, with a simple vest and jeans combination, just chuck the bag over your shoulder (and by the looks of it, it will hold everything, including the kitchen sink) and you've got the trend sussed, and all you have to buy was one all-purpose bag, for a very affordable £28 - not too pricey if it's the only bag you're going to use all season.

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