Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Wish list - Cambridge Satchel Company

Cambridge Satchel Co.

Yes, it's £93, plus delivery.
But look at it and tell me that it isn't the most beautiful and perfect school bag that you've ever seen in your entire life. And it comes in mustard which is just the best colour ever.

This one is specifically the 15" Batchel, because of the handle on the top, which adds a hefty £9 on to the price of a normal 15" satchel without the top handle. But Mum prefers it so I'm not going to argue with her!

I was first made aware of The Cambridge Satchel Co. when Annika (of According to Annika) posted an outfit featuring her red satchel from the company, it was love at first sight.

If you order one of the bags online, it takes 30 days to be handmade in Britain using the finest quality leather - I'd be a big ball of excitement when it finally arrived at my door!
There are luckily a couple of stockists near me however, so I might be able to buy one from there, saving the 30+ day wait and £6 postage, we shall wait and see.

But carrying that would positively excite me about going to sixth form in September!

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