Monday, 2 July 2012

You have a most unusual name too... John Smith.


Amy's sister had a Disney-themed 21st birthday party and so I went dressed as Pocahontas (don't worry - it's a wig!) 

The dress was something my aunty gave me as a dressing up costume when I was little and in all honesty I'd never worn it until this particular party - but it will be getting a second outing on Saturday for Hannah (of Doubleyou fame's) birthday this weekend - where there is a theme of cowboys & indians / country.

The necklace was something that my mum dug out of my grandma's jewellery box - my grandad had brought it back as a present for her when he was working in Colorado back in the '60s - got to love a bit of vintage, right?

The wig was a manky old thing that Mum dug out of the dressing up box in the loft, I had it as part of a Halloween costume when I dressed as a witch back when I was about 8... we had to plait it so that it didn't look as terrible.

Headband - £4 - Claire's
Earrings - £1 - Dorothy Perkins Sale
Bracelet (worn as arm band) - £1.99 - New Look
Bracelets - £1.99 - New Look

I wore it with flat brown leather sandals - she actually has bare feet in the Disney movie, but sometimes you just have to be a little more practical, don't you?

My make-up (even though you can hardly see it on the photos - boo!) was based on this tutorial.

I didn't do anything to my eyebrows (because I tried it and it made me look a tit) and I skipped the liquid eyeliner step because I am horrendous at putting that stuff on and it just looked a mess when I tried. I also kept my lips natural because I don't find that adding colour to them suits me at all. But this is a very good and thorough tutorial. She also fast forwards through the actual make-up application which I liked because there's nothing worse than watching a makeup tutorial and it's about 15 minutes long because it's all in real time - I know how to wipe a foundation sponge across my face, thankyou!

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