Saturday, 16 March 2013

Finished project: Quilt

Yesterday was an inset day and since I was incredibly bored and my heating is broken so the house is freezing (well, not so much today because I've pulled a little oil-filled radiator into my room that my dog has sat in front of all day, she's such a little cutie) I went over to see my cousin and we had something of a crafty afternoon: she knitted a snood from some gorgeously fluffy burgundy wool and I finally finished the quilt I've been making in stages at her house every time I've been over to visit for one of our crafting sessions. 

I bought the fabric over a year ago with my Christmas money as I was determined to spend it on something different to clothes like I do every other year, and only just did the edging yesterday. The blanket is only roughly one metre square, so I can't fit completely under it. You can't see from the photograph, but the reverse has some lovely purple fleece that is keeping my legs nice and toasty as I write this post.

I'm not usually one to toot my own horn (what a cute expression that is, I may have to use it more often) but I haven't sewn anything in ages and this is one of the few proper* projects I've ever done. 

It really was easy to make, it just took a while because I get bored of doing the same thing for a while. But if I can do it, anyone can. Honest.

I followed the instructions for the Stack 'n' Whack Quilt from Kirstie Allsopp Craft (£12.80 from Amazon) which is a really good book full of lovely projects.

* By proper I mean that it took more than half an hour

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