Saturday, 16 March 2013

Spring, where are you?

I have so much work to do.
I don't know if it's ever going to end. I seem to have breezed through the year, and suddenly, I have got to manage so many different things at once, I don't know if I can manage.
This month, I aim to 'spruce' myself up a bit in time for the ever impending arrival of spring, and this is how I intend to do it.

1 Get a fringe cut in. There is something very annoying about having no structure to the front part of my hair, unless I do something about it, I resemble, not so faintly, Snape or Lord Farquaad. I wish it was just a 'simple straightening' job or ideally, 'wake up okay' job. I'm feeling something similar to Bella Thorne's (pictured).

2. Wear edgier clothes and hairstyles. Over the years I've slowly dressed in weirder things, until I am at the point now where the people I am around accept and expect it from me. I love wearing my hair in these cute 'manga-esque' buns, and when I saw that Hayley Williams had done it for a recent concert, it just made me want to wear them even more. My face doesn't really suit updos, but I love this style. I also love the clothes she is wearing, the denim jacket and the shoes especially, and I'm not really into those disco pants, but on her they just look so cool.
3. Eat more consistently and healthily. I eat a lot of food, or I eat hardly any food at all. I just go through phases where I have a huge appetite, or none at all, and it often makes me feel ill and my body feel out of sync swapping habits so drastically all the time. I have decided the best way to go about it is too try and regulate it and find a better balance, for example, when I have no appetite, force myself to eat more than is comfortable, and when I have a massive appetite, try and eat less than I think I want. Also, I need to eat more fruit and vegetables,  instead of pizza 24/7. (I don't know what the food is in this picture but it looks delicious.)
4. Buy some pastel nail varnish. Barry M do all of these lovely pastel colours that are really fresh and pretty.
I hope spring comes soon as all this bad weather is not nice for waiting for the bus in. I just want it to be warm enough so I don't have to wear a coat, and for the sun to be out. It seems like it has been years since it was warm and bright.
Thankyou for reading!


  1. uhhhh i agree with the work thing. I just want it to be sunny and relaxing now!! x

    1. oh same! everything seems like so much more of a drag when the weather is miserable :( xx