Friday, 15 March 2013

Hair Tutorial: Messy bun (short hair)

The messy top-knot has become something of a staple hairstyle for the past year or so now, with celebrities such as Gillian Zinser rocking the trend as a cool yeah-I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look (even though we all know that professional hair stylists probably took two hours over the 'do, but I digress)

My point is that all the celebrities we see with the hairstyle (and most of the girls we see walking down the high street) all have really long hair, but girls with short hair can get the look too.

This is me sans make-up and without having done anything to my hair apart from brushing it, as you can see my hair isn't far past my shoulders. This style works best on unwashed hair because the backcombing doesn't fall out as easily.

Start by styling any hair that you don't want in the bun, I usually straighten mine but you can do whatever you normally do.

Next, backcomb the Hell out of the rest of your hair - the more you backcomb it, the bigger your bun will be.

Then, use a brush to gently brush over the top of your bird's nest so that you keep the backcombing but it doesn't look too crazy. Then tie the rest of your hair into a bobble. Since my hair is short it won't go all the way up on top of my head, so I settle for having it right at the back of my head.

(Excuse the tip that is my bedroom)
Using a similar technique to if any of you have used a doughnut, take about an inch section of your hair, roll it around your fingers so it tucks in and secure with a hair grip.

Keep going all the way around and secure with hairspray. VoilĂ ! 

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