Friday, 11 January 2013

Aliens exist

This is it!! This is the jumper, the planet motif jumper! I am happy to announce it has the familiar smell of a new item of clothing that has been worn one too many times without wash.

I guess I'm an alien. I don't seem to have the same perception of what sounds great and what sounds absolutely god-awful as I have found out once again today.

I got asked what my religion was in a hushed voice by my form tutor at school today, and I told her I was agnostic/atheist so I'm probably gonna get kicked out anyway.


In more happy news I started my final piece for my Art coursework today. I have stained some paper with coffee for the book and sketched out a background on my main drawing paper, exciting stuff! I'm going to very pushed to finish it before February ends though, I'm sure it'll be fine.

This is the song from the title, this is a live version, but it will cheer you up if your day has also made you feel a bit cruddy. What a horrible word, cruddy.

Many thanks for reading!

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