Monday, 14 January 2013

White spice

The winter period, it seems, is not over yet, I love snow, it makes even the most disgusting things look pretty, well, better at least. If you don't believe me then take our bus route with and without and tell me which one looks more pleasing, I'm sure it will change your mind.

I thought, since I don't have instragram :(, I would collaborate pictures from my phone from the past few months, to summarise everything that has happened - or just what I've been able to take photos of really.

1. The fairy lights from IKEA I finally turned on in my room to signify Christmas
2. 'Enchanted' bubble bath that is so nice and relaxing
3. Josh's Christmas card written and a ready!
4. 'DeLonghi' coffee machine in PcWorld/Curry's, I'm a fan okay!
5. My cat timmy posing rather erotically, 'draw me like one of your French girls'
6. Soooo many profiteroles!
7. The 'No Photography' sign in the Millenium Gallery hehe
8. All the prawns that were in my fish pie
9. How my Topshop jumper looked in the delivery bag!!
10. Me trying on my Dad's war hat collection
11. The tattoo Josh did for me (not real)
12. Me and said Josh when he slept at mine the other week
13. A pygmy jerboa! Adorable
14. Me walking home in the snow today after leaving school early, yay!
15. The telephone box in my village
16. The view from my window of the snowy scene
Thankyou for reading, enjoy the snow!

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