Friday, 25 January 2013

In order to survive

I got myself some running gear form the local sports joint today. It is odd how flexible and springy I feel whilst wearing it! It's just so god damn stretchy.
I want to start jogging as I am very unfit. I've never been one to worry about how my body looks, I'm not really bothered if things are smaller or bigger than they should be or whether they wobble etc, (sorry for the horrid image), and that is not about to start now. Because they real motive for this, is that, in the case of some horrific worldwide disaster, like, I don't know, a zombie apocalypse or something, or something more likely such as if I was approached by a man with a Hannah fetish or similar, I'm worried that I wouldn't survive due to my lack of endurance!
I feel that now I have this proper gear, I will be motivated more as I love having things to wear for certain occasions and activities, it makes me excited. I may acquire more and more until I have a selection of lycra based garments that I can mix and match, how exciting!
The top and bottoms of both by Karrimor, the top was £5.99 and the bottoms were £10.99 which is positively cheap next to the likes of Adidas and Nike, £31.99 for some of these legging things! £31.99! Unbelievable. The shoes are my brothers old trainers, that sounds disgusting, but he hardly wore them, they're not grotty or anything!
In other news, I finished the 3rd book in the 'Inheritance Cycle' today and downloaded the fourth one on my Mum's kindle this evening, I really would have liked to have it in the flesh, but I just can't wait! It's such a gripping and interesting story, with so much that is yet to be answered and really great characters, maybe I secretly modelled my running things on the all black suit type outfit that Arya the elf wears.
Wish me luck, I really need to keep this going so I can run for the bus without having a seizure.
Thanks for reading, happy running!

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