Saturday, 12 January 2013

Shoes of Prey

I found this really cool site whilst surfing the web the other day, it's called 'Shoes of Prey' and you can design your own shoes!

To begin, you go to, and click the button that looks like this!

You then decide what kind of shoes you want to make, they can be flats, brogues, and any kind of heel, I just wish there was a creepers option, but maybe they'll add one soon.

I chose to design 'flat oxfords', which are basically brogues I believe, and this is what I turned out with...

I was happy to find out you can add a 1 and a half inch platform, which gives a creeperesqe look to them! I used soft or normal leather on the main part of the shoes, and the purple on the platform is apparently silk! Not to mention the vegan leather laces!

They're not great, but it's a start, and if you are struggling for inspiration, there is a 'Hall of Fame' where you can view other designs, there really are some atrocities in there!

I also found a similar site called,, where you can design your own all in ones (I hate the word 'onesie'), which I am normally not all that fussed about, but you can put ears, tails, feet and mittens on these ones! They are even specified to the sort of animal you want to be, or you can create a ghastly cross-breed like me - The Horseasaur.

Unfortunately for my unemployed and frugal self, the shoes would cost me over £200 (only £179 with the current discount!), and the all in one around £100 as well. Oh well!

I hope you found this as interesting as I did, I love doing online design things like this! Thankyou for reading and have a lovely evening!

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