Monday, 14 January 2013

Wanted: high-waist aztec print bikini bottoms

Whilst searching Lookbook, I came across an AMAZING bikini, but unfortunately when I came to look for it online it wasn't there, so I've had to look elsewhere for a pair of high-waisted, aztec print bikini bottoms. I'm aware that it is completely the wrong time of year to be looking for bikinis but it is never too early to start planning my summer wardrobe, especially if it's going to cost me a lot of money and I therefore need to save myself some pennies.

And so my search began:

Urban Outfitters - £57 (Online Exclusive)
I found this almost-identical two-piece from Insight the Hux at Urban Outfitters. It's REALLY pricey and I'd probably want to change the top for something more, ahem, supportive. But the bottoms are high-waisted and have a great aztec print to them.

Image 1 of Insight The Hux High Waisted Bandeau Bikini Set
£39.50 - ASOS
THEN I found the exact same one is ASOS for much less! Still not enough to be able to justify buying another bikini top, but still significantly less - it's a good job that I was shopping around!

Tavik Tribal High Waisted Bikini Bottoms
ASOS - £38.50
A also found these bottoms in ASOS, there is a matching top available, however I really want printed bottoms and a plain black top, emulating the style I saw on Lookbook. The print isn't as crazy as I'd like, but the idea is certainly there.

Two Seasons - £35
I have to say that I have never heard of this shop, but it came up on Google Shopping so here it is. Once again, I'd be buying the entire (rather pricey) bikini when all I want is the bottoms because black bikini tops are easily and cheaply available from somewhere like Tesco or Primark and since they look no different to any others why bother spending more to look the same?

Currently bidding - eBay 
DON'T WORRY, it's new with tags so there's no worry about the bikini being pre-worn, it's just if you're lucky enough to drop on something your size.

So, in conclusion, aztec bikinis are easy to find, as are high-waist bikinis, but throw the two together and there aren't many about. I think I'll just wait until summer.


  1. Awww I wish it was summer! I love the first ones but yeah a little pricey haha :( xx

    1. I know and my mum bought me a Fat Face one last year and since we only go on holiday in the UK I've not had much wear out of it haha, maybe like your dresses it will magically fall into my wardrobe haha xx