Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow fashion

This is my first collage made using Polyvore. Even though it's been snowing for the best part of a week here in Blighty, I thought I'd make a little post on how to look half-decent in the snow.

Ofcourse, the most important thing is that you keep as warm and dry as possible - I recommend that you wear leggings or thick tights under your skinny jeans and wear two pairs of socks (one of which should be thick and fluffy) under your wellies. Printed wellies look really cute and brighten up an otherwise very practical looking outfit - cute knitwear also helps to make the look more fashion forward.

When buying a hat, think about the tones that suit your hair colour! Being a redhead, I tend to steer clear of pinks and reds, and usually go for more neutral tones or a contrasting shade, like mustard.

This coat from Fat Face looks good and isn't too bulky but will keep you really warm, which is ofcourse the whole point.

If you MUST wear make-up (although the cold air will give your cheeks a lovely glow) go for waterproof eye liner and mascara, just in case you get snowballed by some passing Year 7.

Oh, and all credits go to Hannah for our redesign and new signatures and sidebar image!

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