Saturday, 5 January 2013

I start to feel my feet, they break down walls as they move

Today me and Holly went to Sheffield to visit an art gallery, which was shut, so we instead immediately went eating and shopping. We caught the bus and train there, Holly observed how the quality of person seems to drastically improve on the train compared to the bus, and I couldn't help but agree. It's so exciting catching the train, and seeing people getting on with suitcases and other travel - related portable storage items!

I bought five items in Sheffield today!

The first was this;
Blink-182 - 'Neighbourhoods'
I have wanted this for a long time now, it isn't the deluxe edition, but I'm starting to think that doesn't exist anymore! It was just £5 from HMV and me and Holly put our moneys together on 2 for £10.
The second item I purchased was these shorts;
Paisley patterned shorts from Topshop
They should have been £32 but were a mere £10 in the sale, I love them and I finally think I am becoming an intelligent buyer as I think about what I could pair them with before I buy, who would have guessed it?!
The third, fourth and fifth items were all from H&M which unfortunately I cannot find online photos for, but will certainly be featuring in the next few looks I post on Lookbook, they include, a long sleeved grey top that is so soft and was reduced to £5 from £15, a acid-washed looking blue jumper with a Pegasus print on the front of it that was £20 but was reduced to around £7 and a mint and white patterned shirt that was £7 from £15.

On our way home, a small whippet-like dog was taking up two whole seats on the train, and was fast asleep on a bundle of scarves and other outerwear, it was so cute, I wanted to lay down next to it and go to sleep too.

Thankyou for reading, the look title is from this song, which is featured in the album I bought today, it is about being caged up and set free, which is how I felt today with my new found freedom.



  1. Aww about the dog!! And I like your look, the colours are pretty :D xx

    1. Haha I know it was soo cute!! :p thankyou so much :D xx