Monday, 21 January 2013

February Wish List

I'm sorry about the lack of posts from me over the last week! I really have had one of the worst weekends ever, and the week wasn't great either, so I really didn't feel like writing or posting much.

In February, I would like to obtain a few items, some of these I have been wanting for a while, others I have only recently found;
An expansion for Skyrim called Hearthfire in which you can build your own homes and decorate the interior and even adopt children, it looks awesome, and is only £3.50 worth of Xbox points! It mixes together my two favourite games Sims and Skyrim.
Am I finally gonna get my ears pierced? Perhaps I am! I was going to get them done last year, but then the dragon earrings in the witchy shop in town were all sold and I lost motivation :( They were very similar to the second picture (but a little bit nicer, even though I love those ones), so next time I'm in town I'm going to ask about them, if they're going to restock them and if not where they are from. Also, there are quite a lot of the first picture sort of earrings around at the minute where it extends to the top of the ear or clips onto it, maybe now it would be more accepted at school if I was to purchase and wear this amazing earpiece! There are loads of variations, gold, black, some with the ears extended, although that looks a little dangerous. The first is £11.00 and the second £6 - £7.

This really lovely dress from Topshop makes me think of warm afternoons outside in my garden eating Italiany bread and olives in a bowl (I don't like olives but it's just imagery). It is £38.00, but I might save for it, or my mum may help me as she normally loves nice dresses haha, or maybe there is a similar one somewhere else.
Thankyou for reading, enjoy the snow and the days off it causes!


  1. Uhhh the Skyrim expansion looks awesome, I don't really play it much anymore! And I love that dress. x

    1. It really does! I made a new game on it the other day and now I've become readdicted haha :p ahh me too! I just wish it was less moneys :( xx