Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn

Hoodie - £22 - Topshop
Vest - £4 - Next
Shorts - £18 - Topshop Sale
Tights - £1 - Primark
Nail Polish - Black Cherries - Rimmel I Love Lasting Colour
Ring - £4 - Dorothy Perkins

Sorry about the even-worse-than-normal posing, I had to be quick with taking my photo as everyone was in and I'm worried that they'll walk in on me taking photos of myself and wonder what I'm doing. 
I've been looking at university courses recently, and I'm thinking of doing something related to fashion marketing and I'm really looking in to sandwich courses, because I think that a year in placement will really help me to find a job in such a difficult industry, atleast that's what I'm hoping anyway!

I've started using the Peaches & Clean cleanser I got for Christmas and can tell you that it is absolutely lovely and really does smell like peaches! It's not a gritty cleanser like I'm used to which was weird at first, but it feels really nice on my skin and so far hasn't let my spots come back through, so all's good!

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