Wednesday, 9 January 2013

may the stars watch over you

Atra esterní ono thelduin. Mor'ranr lífa unin hjarta onr. Un du evarínya ono varda.

This is the green velvet dress I said I had got from the charity shop. I want one picture with it first before I make a skirt and maybe a shorter dress from it.

I'm about 80% of the way through Eldest (the second book in the Eragon/Inheritance series) according to my mum's kindle, and this look is really inspired by the elves.

I really like magic and fantasy and mythology, and this is no exception, elves are wise and dignified and graceful, they live very long, if not immortal, lives, respect every part of nature and encourage it's growth, possess great magic, as well as being very beautiful.

'An elf (plural: elves) is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore.[1][2] Elves are first attested in Old English and Old Norse texts and are prominent in traditional British and Scandinavian folklore.'

Yesterday I picked up my space jumper, it's soooo cool, I adore it. Whilst I was in Topshop I also saw some 'William Morris -y' patterned jeans reduced to £15 from £40, which I bought. I will be most likely be featuring them in looks soon.
I must go and revise for the Psychology test I have tomorrow. Thankyou for reading!


  1. Love the editing :) hope the exam went well!! Xxx

    1. oh thankyou amy! :) thankyou! I think it was okay, we'll have to wait and see :p xxxx