Sunday, 27 January 2013

Happy Birthday to us!

Today we celebrate an entire year of Moonkissed - that's right, a year ago today Hannah was at my house and turned to me and said "We should start a fashion blog"

Not long after this we set up an email address ( a Twitter account (@Moonkissed_) and the blog that you see before you, and were composing our very first post, which happened to be on the very exciting subject of our recent science exam and the very annoying invigilators.

In the past year we've had exams, prom, left school, started sixth form, bought clothes, tried new looks, read books, watched films, drawn pictures and taken lots of photographs (a lot of them being of ourselves, aren't we vain?)

We've both made collages to represent what we would like to achieve in the next year, both in fashion and life terms:

Holly Are's collage:

  1. Grow my hair - I'm having it cut much more infrequently now, and I hope that by steering away from the scissors I won't have the whole thing lopped off again - I've had short-ish hair for six years now and I'm ready to let it grow again.
  2. Buy better make-up - I always buy cheap nasty make-up but I've started to invest in better quality, The Body Shop do a lovely range and I am determined to find a foundation that I actually like.
  3. Get a job - so I can afford my lovely new make-up!
  4. Decide what I want to do - I have to apply to university in a year so I would love to have a good idea of what I want to do before then!
  5. Make a decision about school - If I should stay where I am, if I should move to college and if I do move, if to carry on with A-Levels or begin a BTEC
  6. Wear more dresses - I have a fair collection of dresses and I love them all but they rarely see the light of day! I really like wearing dresses and I should make the effort more.
  7. Listen to more music - I don't have enough music on my iPod and I can never be bothered to listen to things on YouTube - that must change.
  8. Take more photos - As a Photography student, you would expect me to be glued to my camera, but in fact doing the subject has given me a slight loathing of it, however I used to really like taking photos and I want to bring that enjoyment back to myself.
  9. Avoid sunburn - I get sunburnt so easily (well, I am moonkissed after all) but since my discovery of the amazing P20, I hope to avoid it this summer, fingers crossed/
  10. Draw more - I used to draw loads when I was younger and simply can't find the time or inspiration these days, but practise makes perfect, as they say. 
  11. Make more things - I also used to be rather crafty, I would customise T-Shirts and make jewellery, I want to do it more as the achievement when a project is complete is a brilliant feeling.
  12. Bake - I bake quite a lot, but I tend to stick to the same things over and over and I want to be more adventurous.
  13. Enhance my natural colour - I don't want to dye my hair bright red, but I like the idea of using carrot or beetroot juice to bring out the natural reddiness.

Hannah Doubleyou's collage;

  1. I want to have my hair cut and dyed, I'm not sure how and what colour, but I'm gonna do it! I'm really bored of how my hair looks and how unhealthy and unhappy it seems at the minute.
  2. I want to travel somewhere this year. I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to travelling as I get homesick and travelsick haha, but I'm gonna overcome it and go.
  3. I want to be more spontaneous and show those around me how much they mean to me, I need to stop being irritable and start being a better person.
  4. I want to make wishes and make them happen rather than waiting for them to.
  5. I want to enjoy every season of the year and be happy.
  6. I want to grow my own flowers in my garden!
  7. I want to smile more.
  8. I want to spend more time with my dogs as I really love them and they're just so carefree.
  9. I want to perform in front of people, I've been playing guitar for 7 years and I have rarely played in front of anyone except those I trust the most, which makes it all the more scary! This one is gonna be hard!
  10. I want to draw and paint even more than I already do and develop my own style more.
  11. I want to learn how to properly relax and feel at peace to put my anxiety at bay, as it is starting to take over my life!
  12. I want to make my mark and feel accomplished this year by 'participating' as Charlie would say.
  13. I want to become more mature but never lose my childishness.
This is my song for the next year;

Thankyou ever so much for following us, we wish you a year of happiness and prosperity!
You're all wonderful.


  1. At first glance at Holly's collage I was confused...she wants to accomplish a sunburn, I thought. Silly me! Your goals seem achievable and I wish you the best in them!

    Happy Blogday!!

    1. Haha, I'd not thought of it like that! Thankyou so much, I hope that we are still standing in a year and can say what we have achieved out of the list.
      Blogday? I like that!
      Thankyou very much for reading and commenting xx