Friday, 18 January 2013

Photo blues

Today I realised that I have a mere two weeks in which I need to photograph, edit and put together my final piece for my Photography coursework, before I get my exam paper at the beginning of February.

Needless to say, this panicked me a little, especially since in that time I need to:

  • Do a reshoot
  • Do two photographer-inspired shoots
  • Do all four of my final shoots
It doesn't sound much, but when I have to organise people it feels like such a ball-ache. I'm not entirely sure that I knew what I was setting myself up for by doing Photography. But I don't like it, it's dull.

The photographers I have to copy are:

Diane Arbus


And Bill Brandt 


Sometimes, I wonder exactly who Miss thinks I know and are willing to let me take their photo. 

Sorry for this very boring and self-absorbed post, somehow the more I talk about it, the more I feel like I'm actually doing something about it, even when I'm not.


  1. Having such a close deadline is always a little more motivating though right? :D I suppose you could get round this with a few self portraits. It doesn't help that it's been snowing aswell! x

    1. It has given me a kick up the arse, yes, but I'm panicked and stressed because there's so much to do and because I need other people to pose for me, it isn't all my responsibility, y'know?
      All the Bill Brandt photos will be self-portraits, and I got one Diane Arbus photo today and hopefully I can get a couple more in the week.
      I hope the snow will be help in the form of pretty backgrounds rather than meaning people can't get around for photoshoots!
      Thankyou for reading & commenting :D xx